Bringing LEGO's employer brand to life

As a global toy maker, LEGO needed an employer brand that had the flexibility to be adapted to multiple markets around the world.

Their product is instantly recognizable but there was very little understanding of what it takes to work and succeed at LEGO. They were heavily reliant on 3rd party recruiters effectively selling the opportunities which could often prove unreliable. And they were expanding into the Asian market and needed to create messaging that could be tailored locally for both high and lower level positions.


LEGO already had in internal ‘People Promise’ embedded in the business which we felt could be leveraged further. We researched within the business to find out exactly what this promise meant and how it could resonate externally. And we looked specifically at the Chinese market to develop an understanding of their career drivers and motivators. 

We also felt it was important to utilize the LEGO product as a basis to tell the employer story as it is so familiar and iconic. 


We created an employer brand campaign called ‘Bring it to Life’, which encapsulated the LEGO values, culture and working environment using LEGO products to recreate scenes in the workplace. The campaign was launched to much fanfare with a variety of marketing activity.


The employer brand has been rolled out across the global business and has resulted in a significant decreased reliance in 3rd party hiring. LEGO now has a consistent story that can be adapted to audiences around the world.


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