An EVP for a specialized hospital

The Hospital for Special Services (HSS) is the number one hospital for rheumatology and orthopedics in the U.S.

It forms part of the cluster of established hospitals in New York City but struggles with awareness as its offering is so specialized. Often people are unaware of its existence unless they have had a direct experience of it themselves, which makes it difficult to attract the very best talent away from other renowned neighbors. 



During the process of creating an EVP for HSS, we discovered that their culture was truly unique. The hospital is thoroughly customer service orientated where everyone is wholly aware of the contribution they make to the overall patient experience. However, this was something that simply was not coming across in any of their employer branding.  


Once we established the EVP, we used it to direct our strategy for creating an effective careers website. The existing offering was limited to just one page that was buried within the corporate site. Our dedicated site was designed to take people on a journey and deliver them information that was specifically relevant to them. We considered the different audiences and what they would be looking for and provided a flavor of the culture and attitude that makes HSS such a unique proposition in a busy marketplace.


The new careers site provides HSS with a far more representative shop window to demonstrate what makes them unique. 


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