A global commitment to LGBTQ equality

EMC is made up of over 50,000 employees and has a long history of driving change and supporting LGBTQ equality initiatives.

Pride Month in June brings EMC’s LGBTQ employees, advocates and champions together to celebrate the diverse and inclusive culture EMC embodies. What they wanted from us was an attraction campaign that made 2016’s Pride turnout better than ever before.


We needed to create a consistent, stand-out global campaign that generated excitement within the business and encouraged employees to participate. 


We created the ‘Together + Proud’ campaign to demonstrate the commitment EMC has made to LGBTQ equality. Within the creative, we used dance steps to represent the unification of the organization and used the logo and visual identifiers to serve as campaign anchors which we leveraged across communications. We promoted the event with in-office posters, pre-event rallies, branded banners, emails and collateral materials to help build excitement and anticipation.


The campaign was a global success with the communications assets utilized across every continent. Hundreds of EMC employees marched in Pride events around the world and messaging touched thousands. The campaign also received significant traction on social platforms while also being featured on the BBC’s coverage of London Pride.

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