From Silicon Valley to Abu Dhabi

DarkMatter is the Middle East’s leading cyber security firm.

Committed to developing technologies to solve the world’s current and future cyber challenges, DarkMatter makes its impact around the world from its headquarters in the UAE. To meet the demands of its customers, DarkMatter needed to hire innovative, senior-level tech geniuses with Masters or PhD degrees and experience in areas like Cryptography, Computer Science and Engineering. The focus was to recruit this niche group of talent directly from Silicon Valley.


While Silicon Valley tech talent is highly sought after by most companies, DarkMatter had the added challenge of convincing people to move across the world to the UAE. For this reason, our strategy was to identify candidates with roots in the Middle East or South Asia who would be more likely to move back to their home region. Through targeted media campaigns, we were able to communicate what set DarkMatter apart. Namely, their employees have the ability to make their own dreams into a reality, which is a stark difference to Silicon Valley where most people find themselves building someone else’s dream.


To inform and educate potential candidates about DarkMatter as an employer of choice, we hosted two cyber security symposiums – one in Las Vegas and another in Palo Alto. The events coincided with Black Hat, the largest cyber security conference in the U.S. With only six weeks to find, attract and confirm attendees for each event, we immediately established an accelerated process to strategize and execute both events. We created the DREAMSTATE campaign, which challenged candidates to live their own dream, rather than someone else’s tech dream. We identified and qualified candidates through multiple targeted channels including direct sourcing and digital advertising which ranged from programmatic media to sponsored social content. Engaging candidates across every high touch interaction was our strategy. Branded messaging was delivered from initial outreach to event communication and post-event follow up.


The DREAMSTATE became a reality for candidates who attended both symposiums. Symposium content included an in-depth look at the future of DarkMatter’s technology, tech talks by DarkMatter experts and a panel discussion on living and working in the Middle East. Our campaign resulted in double the number of expected event attendees and increased brand awareness of DarkMatter within the United States. Additionally, post event survey results showed that all attendees were either immediately interested in a career at DarkMatter or would be interested within the next 12-24 months.  With a warm pipeline of highly qualified talent to choose from, DarkMatter is on its way to protecting the future by securing its technologies. 


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