Attracting technology professionals

Audible, an Amazon company, opened a new office in Jersey City, New Jersey and needed to fill 100 technology roles within the first year. However, due to its lack of an employer brand, awareness of opportunities was low. 

What was needed was a clear proposition that stood out amongst the major players in technology like Google and Facebook, that would also appeal to those interested in working for an established business with a start-up mentality.



By leveraging the existing data and insight along with the consumer brand, we needed to develop messaging that resonated from an employment context. It needed to appeal to the technology community but be different enough to stand out from competitors. And it had to be scalable enough to work in different markets with different requirements.


We created a campaign called, ‘Start your next chapter’. It featured emotive language and storytelling to bring the employment offer to life in a way that connected directly to the Audible brand. 

We launched the program with a targeted media campaign to build awareness of Audible as an employer and drive qualified professionals to attend a hiring event. 


The campaign ran for four weeks across 15 different media channels, with a goal of 60 people attending the event. The result was 110 qualified professionals attending along with an additional 200 qualified candidates’ information being captured. 50% more hires were converted than the original target and the event concept is now the benchmark for subsequent events in different locations. 

4 weeks
to run the campaign

15 channels
of media

110 attendees
(qualified professionals)

200 candidates
information captured

50 percent more hires
than the original target


An EVP for a specialized hospital