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Inspiring a huge audience

A survey identified that Royal Mail Group’s frontline operations staff – some 130,000 of its 150,000-strong workforce – were feeling disengaged and neglected in terms of their learning, development and career progression.

Our solution was to create a bespoke platform that could speak to them all – giving employees access to the information they need and allowing them to feedback so we could keep improving what we offered.


First stop: understanding our audience. We worked with our client to set up and run a number of workshops with their employees. Here, we mapped key audience groups and worked out the needs and goals for those particular groups. We found:


A big proportion would be accessing the site on their mobile devices.


Our audience needed to have answers to questions as well as relevant content, links and actions.


Design and content would need to be clear and accessible to make the experience as smooth as possible


The site needed to be personal, relatable and interesting – people needed to actually want to use it.


Obviously we needed to make sure the workforce were aware of the site and its useful, usable content. But we also wanted to give them control over what it contained and how it would work going forward.

So, we made the conscious decision to structure the site around the option to give feedback on every single page – feedback which would define the content and over time, be analysed to define what came next. In terms of engaging with a huge group of people, it worked pretty well.


"The MyFuture site has allowed us to put more control in our employees’ hands in terms of owning their own development and next steps in their career journey - a really important step for us to support cultural change"

Rachel Blackett Head of Culture Change & Engagement

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