National Trust

Telling a fantastic story

The National Trust was going through a period of significant change and realised their current recruitment platform just wasn’t cutting it when it came to recruiting the new breed of employees they needed.

After a review of their whole recruitment process, they identified their careers website as needing a complete rethink.

So, we created a beautiful, emotive careers site that told the National Trust story to the target audiences in a way that they could really relate to.


We worked with the Trust’s resourcing, brand and digital teams to scope, design and develop the site and set ourselves a number of objectives:


Appeal to a wide range of jobseekers and engage effectively with the right group of professionals.


Articulate the diverse range of opportunities available.


Give jobseekers the ability to search for roles using a wide range of devices.


Tell the Trust’s fantastic story.


We aligned the content of the new website with the business objectives of the Trust – creating specific emotive candidate journeys to support key areas of recruitment. As a result, someone browsing the website for a role in catering has a very different experience of the site than someone looking to join as a Building Surveyor.


97 %
increase in visits to the website

51 %
increase in the average time spent on the website

107 %
increase in the number of pages viewed

33 %
increase in completed applications

26 %
increase in the number of visits from a mobile device

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